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Tech Thursday: Top Apps for Managing Medications

Do you take a prescription medication? If I asked two of you, chances are one of you would say, “yes.” And if you’re an older adult, the chances are even greater.

Many of you take not only one prescription drug – you take several. Managing drug routines is not easy. Period. Yet, many of us would find our quality of life severely reduced without certain medication.

Aside from pill boxes, charts, and other medication management techniques, there are apps that can help. Smart phones, tablets, and some other multimedia devices support downloadable programs that aid in scheduling, dosing, refill reminders, and more. Here are the top apps as rated by real users.

MedCoach for iPhone, iPad and iTouch

This iPhone friendly app is designed to be easy to use. GreatCall, the developer, has experience designing other successful mobile products for seniors. Though only a small number of users have rated the app so far, 95% of reviews gave it 4 or 5 stars.

As you can see, the app has a simple design. It is easy to use. And best of all, it is free in the app store.

Using MedCoach you can:

•    Set reminders to take your medications at the right time
•    Connect directly to your pharmacy to refill
•    See a list of your medications and connect to First Databank for drug information
•    Store contact details for your doctors and pharmacies
•    Shake the phone to bring up the help section

If you’re an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch user, and you want a simple, yet effective medication management tool, you may just want to give MedCoach a try.

MedHelper for Android

As simple as its name, this app from EarthFlare is an easy medication reminder and tracking system. This app has earned 4.3 stars in the Android Market. The logo is so friendly, you may not be able to hold back a smile when you see it on your phone. A narrow advertisement band at the bottom of the app makes this one a free download.

MedHelper will help you do the following:

•    Set reminders for your prescriptions, vitamins, or herbal supplements
•    Log your completed doses
•    Track how many of each pill you have on hand
•    Send your information to email, to print, to family or friends, or give to your doctor
•    Keep track of medical appointments

The app will also notify you when you need to refill a prescription or are running low on over-the-counter pills.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with these apps! Do you use another app to manage your pill routine? Please tell us about it.

Bridgette Collado, MA, RD, is a health communication consultant and registered dietitian who writes for Health Dialog. As a passionate explorer of the intersection of health and technology, she advises health care and wellness companies, as well as public health organizations, on design and evaluation of all types of health communication, including new media. Her focus areas include gaming for health, user experience design, and social media. Follow Bridgette on Twitter:

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Scott Marcus For those of you with Windows Phone 7 there is an app called MedReminder written by a former Health Dialog employee!

Like the other apps listed here, MedReminder can keep track of remind users when it is time to take any medicine, pill, syrup, vitamin, or supplement.

It can show you a log of medicines you have taken, and best of all it is multi-lingual working in English, French, Spanish and even Romanian!
10/27/2011 10:10:54 AM

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